Radar Detection and Anti-UAV System Drone Jammer Antidrone

Overview of detection and countermeasure systems  The counter system consists of detection radar, photoelectric & counter-integrated equipment, and integrated ground station monitoring equipment. The system has complete intelligent linkage, based on low-altitude detection radar, to realize detection, early war

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Overview of detection and countermeasure systems
 The counter system consists of detection radar, photoelectric & counter-integrated equipment, and integrated ground station monitoring equipment. The system has complete intelligent linkage, based on low-altitude detection radar, to realize detection, early warning and discrimination of drones.

At the same time, the system can obtain parameter information such as distance, azimuth and speed of the target and form a motion track on the map, and send the information to the control system. The optoelectronic & anti-integrated device can be used to track the target in order to achieve photoelectric monitoring and RF interference.

The system can be used at fixed points or mobile. A micro-aircraft target with a radar scattering area of RCS ≥ 0.01 m2 achieves a maximum 3 Km detection range, a spatial coverage of 360°, a pitch angle of 18°, and a maximum effective offset of 3 Km.
Radar Detection and Counter Drone System Drone Jammer Antidrone

Table  System components
No.System compositionSubsystem compositionMain characteristics
Detection radar1 km active radarC-band, low power, high precision, ultra-low altitude, flexible and convenient
3 km active radar (optional)
Photoelectric counter systemCounterpart3-band, high power, directional antenna
Photoelectric partVisible light, thermal imaging
Monitoring platformPortable Ground Station & ServerInter I5, 8G, 128G
Monitoring platform softwareFully independent research and development, strong functional expansion
Power supply systemRadar solving industrial computerInter I5, 8G, 128G, industrial quality
Power supply unit500W switching power supply, support backup battery

System function

  • Adopt virtual perimeter and integrate various regulatory means to achieve flexible configuration of the security zone
  • Real-time linkage of all parts of the system to achieve timely discovery, counter-measure, forensics or arrest
  • Based on active radar detection, high detection accuracy, anti-clutter interference, wide coverage of airspace, and comprehensive and reliable monitoring
  • Target automatic tracking processing, which can simultaneously mark, track, locate and display on the map in real time.
  • Photoelectric detection distance is far, day and night visible, real-time HD
  • High-precision automatic tracking of the pan/tilt, real-time tracking of target azimuth and accurate interference counteraction
  • Visualized ground management software platform to realize discovery, automatic follow-up, visual and anti-integration systems
  • Visual ground management software platform, friendly interface, easy operation, intelligent information analysis and processing
  • RF counter-production adopts multi-band full coverage, which can achieve a maximum effective offset of 3KM
  • Working around the clock all day
  • The system can be used in a portable, vehicle-mounted manner, and the installation method is simple and fast.
Introduction to the main components of the system

1. Detection radar
The detection radar adopts an advanced all-digital phase control system, which can separately detect and track multiple targets. At the same time, the number of tracking targets is greater than 100, and the speed, trajectory, distance and orientation of the target are displayed on the terminal map in real time. The system integrates a variety of anti-clutter algorithms with good clutter suppression. The device is small in size, light in weight, easy to erect, and has strong application scalability.
Radar Detection and Counter Drone System Drone Jammer Antidrone
  • C band
  • Low power
  • Ultra low altitude
  • High precision
  • Flexible and convenient

2. Photoelectric counter system 
2.1 Photoelectric counter system
The photoelectric counter system mainly includes a photoelectric part, a counter and a gimbal, wherein the photoelectric and counter parts are integrated design, installed on the gimbal. If the monitoring center confirms the target attribute and needs to counter it, you can make the following choices:

2.2 RF suppress interference
According to the orientation of the radar detection output, the system directs the directional counter to the target, so that the target is in the direction of the maximum radiation of the interference signal. Thereby, the communication, control and positioning system of the target drone is interfered, and the data link and radio communication between the target drone and the drone operator are quickly cut off, so that the target drone cannot fly normally, with forced landing or return back home.

2.3 Photoelectric confirmation tracking
There are two kinds of photoelectric parts: visible light and thermal imaging. The visible light part is 45x of the camera lens, and the back end is 265 encoding. The ground station can realize the video tracking function. Thermal imaging is currently selected by aircraft, which is a 19mm lens, and it is still necessary to select a more suitable lens in the later stage;

2.4.High-speed PTZ linkage
The counter and the optoelectronic part are erected on the same gimbal, and the gimbal is controlled by the ground station. The ground station controls the rotation of the gimbal according to the azimuth information of the radar, and follows the target in real time. During video tracking, the gimbal can be controlled to rotate vertically and horizontally to ensure that the target is followed in real time;

2.5Introduction to Target Tracking
There are two kinds of tracking methods in the system, one is radar tracking and the other is video tracking. Radar tracking is mainly used in the early detection of targets. In the case where the photoelectric has not yet found the target, the radar tracking can only track the target from the horizontal, that is, the azimuth tracking, because it cannot obtain the height information of the target. On the basis of radar tracking, video tracking can adjust the target of the gimbal, find the target, and adopt the video tracking method to accurately track the target, confirm and strike the target. The video tracking priority is higher than the radar tracking, that is, when two simultaneous selections are performed, the video tracking mode is performed;

System technical indicators

1. Detection radar
Radar Detection and Counter Drone System Drone Jammer Antidrone
  • Based on active radar detection, the positioning is accurate and the false report is low;
  • Working in the C band, free of application for the ISM band;
  • Output power: ≤0.5W (single vibration source)
  • Detection distance: 200~1000m@RCS≤0.01m2
  • 200~3000m@RCS≤0.01m2 (optional)
  • Detection height: 80-500 meters (urban environment)
  • Horizontal coverage angle: 90-360° (optional)
  • Vertical coverage angle: 18°/30° (optional)
  • Detection distance accuracy: ≤10 meters
  • Detection azimuth accuracy: ≤1.0°
  • Detection speed accuracy: ≤0.2m/s
  • Simultaneous tracking target number: ≥100
  • Power supply voltage: DC22~25V/AC220±10V
  • Size: 324*120*295mm/335*80*450mm
  • Total weight: 4kg/11kg (optional)
  • Fast settling time: ≤10 minutes
2.Power supply system
  • AC220V power supply & backup power supply DC24V, dual power supply switching
  • Backup power supply time≥3 hours (counter work);  ≥24 hours (counter standby)

3. Photoelectric counter system
Radar Detection and Counter Drone System Drone Jammer Antidrone
4. Counterparts
  • The linkage follows the target movement and aims the target for counteraction;
  • Remote control switch, automatic mode and manual mode switching
  • Effective interference distance of radio frequency interference: ≥3Km (can be customized)
  • Radio frequency interference counter output frequency band and power:
  • Directional high gain antenna with gain greater than 15dBi;
  • Customizable to add other counter bands
 4.1 Photoelectric part
Visible light camera:
Effective pixels: 1920*1080

Zoom: 45x optical zoom
Lens focal length: 5.9~265.5mm
Visible distance: >1000 meters

Thermal imaging camera:
Detector: 640*480 amorphous silicon uncooled focal plane, 17μm
Focal length: 50mm
Visible distance: >400m
Photoelectric confirmation of the target and video tracking target;
Optoelectronic and counter-integrated design ensures optimal tracking and counter-effects;

 PTZ section
  • Horizontal range: 360° continuous rotation
  • Horizontal speed: horizontal keying speed: 0.04°-100°/s
  • Vertical range: +20°~-70°
  • Vertical speed: vertical keying speed: 0.04°-40°/s
  • Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.2°
  5. Monitoring platform
Radar Detection and Counter Drone System Drone Jammer Antidrone

  • CPU: Intel i5 processor
  • Memory: 8G
  • Hard disk: 128G solid state drive (expandable)
  • Radar, counter, optoelectronic, monitoring platform integrated management, powerful system management;
  • Visual ground monitoring software platform, discovery, and follow, visual and counter-integration system;
  • Detect target alarm function, and optional intelligent processing or manual processing
  • Fully independent software development and design to ensure the expansion of functions such as post-upgrade;
  • Reserve the UAV identification interface to identify the mission drone and the illegal flying drone;

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