High-tech agricultural spray drone for farmers (KN1200)

KN1200 UAV:Standard attachments :1, 1 sets of carbon fiber frame.2, Motor ,8 pcs3, ESC ,8 pcs (50A with LED lamp)4, 4 pairs of blades5, Professional flying-control , 1 set.6, imported high-quality 1 sets of remote control7, High quality battery 16000mAH &comma

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KN1200 UAV:

Standard attachments :
1, 1 sets of carbon fiber frame.
2, Motor ,8 pcs
3, ESC ,8 pcs (50A with LED lamp)
4, 4 pairs of blades
5, Professional flying-control , 1 set.
6, imported high-quality 1 sets of remote control
7, High quality battery 16000mAH ,2 pcs (you can spray for 16 acres of land)
8, Special centrifugal spray set ,1 set (including two high-speed centrifugal nozzle, springing, water pump, electric adjustment, a switch, a connecting rod, etc)
9, 1 sets of special high speed charger

Specifications :
1, Aircraft total weight: 6.1kg (plus power battery m,total 8.0kg)
2, Payload: 5kg (pesticide)
3, Standard takeoff weight: 13.5kg
4, Maximum takeoff weight: 19kg
5,Flight time: 5-7 minutes (13.5kg take off)
6, Sprinkling speed: 0.7-1.0 L / min
7,Spraying width: 3-4.5 meters (according to the flight height is different and different)
8,The best flight speed:3-8 m/s (operating speed)
9,Spraying efficiency:1-2 mu / min (according to the flight speed is different and different)

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