More powerful drone jammer model 115 W (up to 2000m)

Product description:Waterproof hermetic caseThe radius of effective jamming: 500~2000 MetersInner Battery +24V / 20AH LiFePO4 can work till 1 hour Output InterfaceRF Frequency Band(MHz)RF Output Power (Watt)CH1WIFI 2.4G: 2400-2500MHz50WCH2GPSL1: 1560-1620MHz50WCH3WIFI 5.8G: 5725-5850MHz15WCH4Remote Control: 433:43

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Product description:

Waterproof hermetic case
The radius of effective jamming: 500~2000 Meters
Inner Battery +24V / 20AH LiFePO4 can work till 1 hour

Output InterfaceRF Frequency Band(MHz)RF Output Power (Watt)
CH1WIFI 2.4G: 2400-2500MHz50W
CH2GPSL1: 1560-1620MHz50W
CH3WIFI 5.8G: 5725-5850MHz15W
CH4Remote Control: 433:433MHz15W  (option)
CH5Remote Control: 315:315MHz15W   (option)
CH6868-920: 868-916MHz20W    (option)
CH7GPS L2~L5: 1100~1300MHz50W     (option)
CH8WiFi3.6G: 3500-3600MHz50W     (option)

Total output power: 115W
Jamming Range: Up to 2000m (depend on cell phone signal Length)
Power Supply: AC 110 or 220V, DC 12V or DC 24V (Option)
Antennas Details: high-tech rubber (3 units)
Dimensions Of Device:  450x380x350mm
Weight Of Product: 35.00kg

Effective interference with UAV s Remote-Control Signal 2400MHz, GPS signal 1500MHz,
Remote-Control Signal and Image Transmission Signal 5800MHz.

Outdoor waterproof case with protection level of IP55

UHF broadband jamming technology: highly effective power & long jamming distance
Separate control of each module, convenient operation.

High quality tubular radiator, effective in radiating heat.

High integration components; the moderating circuit-starting design avoids a spark when the device turns on/off. High integration & Stable operation.

Batteries are separate from the main device, easy to be replaced and maintained.

Taking use of super-high frequency with high effective power.

Effective output power (channel power) and bigger interfere radius.

Only interfere downlink frequency of mobile system,without disturb normally working of Base Stations.

Imported elements: Slow start up design of circuit.

These elements can maintain the stable operation condition with high integration.

Mainly applied to prisons, airports, scientific research centers, detention houses,

interrogation rooms, courthouses, labor camp,all kinds of military important places, etc.
that forbid aerial photography by use of UAVs

Advantages and Features
• Aluminum-alloy casing with high protection has high resistance to dust, water and corroding.
• Heat sink designing combing with the fans to make system in a cooling status.
• Special technology to prevent interference between each frequency band.
• Only interfere downlink frequency of mobile system, without disturb normally working of Base Stations.
• Frequency bands and output power selectable.
• Each frequency band controlled by independent RF ON/OFF switches.
• Power of each frequency band can be adjustable independently.
• Circuit protection to ensure system will not burn out in case of antenna short circuiting or disconnection.
• Antenna type options, directional or Omni-directional antennas option.
• Easy operation and installation.
• Keep for upgrade module installation.
• Working 24 hours/365days continuously.

Uav Drone Jammer Model with More Power 115 W (Up To 2000m)

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