Semi-Gloss Hybrid Coating Matt Hardener with Epoxy and Hybrid

                                                                          Matt Hardener TP55            &

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                                                    Matt Hardener TP55
                                    Which is equivalent to Vestagon B55

Matt Hardener TP55 series is a composed salt of cyclic-amidine and multi-acid. It utilizes the two different reaction rates of group in molecular structure, and during the curing process, it generates nonuniform shrin kage then forms the matt surface. It has both gloss decreasing and curing functions.
Technical data:
MATT HARDENER TP55   Test method    TP55
AppearanceVisual inspectionWhite powder
Melting range(ºC)GB/T617-2006210-250
Solid content(%)GB/T1725-2007≥99.0
 Semi-Gloss Hybrid Coating Matt Hardener with Epoxy and Hybrid

Application and performance:
1.TP55 can be applied in epoxy powder system to generate the strong matte effect, terrific levelling performance and stable comprehensive properties. It can be used for pure epoxy and epoxy/polyester hybrid powder system as a hardener, making the coating with super matte surface, excellent mechanical property and good reproducibility characteristic.
2.Due to TP55  has a higher melting point, it's very important to evenly disperse it in formulation. The users can suitably increase the extruding temperature to make sure the good dispersion (don't exceed 110ºC).
3.In hybrid matting powder system, the polyester resin with low acid value should be selected, and it can be determined by the tests in order to obtain perfect gloss and optimal comprehensive properties.
4.Dosage: 8-10% of epoxy resin's weight in formulation.
Referenced formulation:
Matt hardener25
Carbon black3.6
AppearanceFlat smooth
Package, storage and other precautions:
1. Store in a cool and dry place to avoid contacting other chemical products. Seal tightly after using. As this product is irritant to respiratory tract, please wear dustproof mask and glove when operating.
2. Package: 20kgs/polyethylene-lined kraft paper-plastic compound bag.  
3. Validity will be 2 years under normal temperature.


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