Bionics SpO2 sensor compatible with Guardian Bpm700

Bionics SpO2 Sensor compatible Guardian Bpm700 Compatibilities:Bionics Guardian BPM700,BPM200,BPM-230,BPM-1000 Nellcor Non-Oximax Connector guide:DB9Technical Specifications:LEDRed660nm normalLED Wavelength660nm/905nmText RangeOxygen Saturation(%SpO2)0% to 100%Pulse Rate(bpm)30 to 245AccuracySpO2±1%(90~100%)&plu

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Bionics SpO2 Sensor compatible Guardian Bpm700 

Compatibilities:Bionics Guardian BPM700,BPM200,BPM-230,BPM-1000 Nellcor Non-Oximax

 Connector guide:DB9

Technical Specifications:
LEDRed660nm normal
LED Wavelength660nm/905nm
Text RangeOxygen Saturation(%SpO2)0% to 100%
Pulse Rate(bpm)30 to 245
±3%(below 70%)
Pulse Rate±2bpm(30-250bpm)
Storage and Transport Environment-10ºC~+40ºC
Operating Temperature±5ºC~+40ºC
Operating/Storage/Transportation Humidity0%-80%
Hyperbaric Pressure86kPa-106kPa

All type sensors:
P/NDescriptionConnector Imagine
MPS041ABionics Guardian adult finger clip spo2 sensor,3ftBionics SpO2 Sensor Compatible Guardian Bpm700
MPS041BBionics Guardian adult soft tip spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS041CBionics Guardian  pediatric finger clip spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS041DBionics Guardian pediatric soft tip spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS041EBionics Guardian neonate wrap spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS041FBionics Guardian adult ear clip Spo2 sensor.3ft
MPS041GBionics Guardian animal tongue Spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS041HBionics Guardian  Multi-site Y type spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS041IBionics Guardian Infant soft tip spo2 sensor, 3ft
MPS041JBionics Guardian  Multi-site Y type with foam spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS041KBionics Guardian Multi-site clip spo2 sensor,3ft

What is spo2?
SpO2 is a measurement of the amount of oxygen attached to the haemoglobin cell in the circulatory system.  Put simpler,  it is the amount of oxygen being carried by the red blood cell in the blood.  SpO2 is given in as a percentage, normal is around 96%.  The "S" stands for saturation.
Very simply:  SpO2 Goes up and down according to how well a person is respiring (breathing) and how well the blood is being pumped around the body, however, like most things in physiology it is more complicated than this.  
This information is provided as an aid to understanding medical lingo and in no way replaces proper training.
How to test a SpO2 sensor without those expensive equipment(like Spo2 Analyzers or similar)?
You can use a simple multimeter to check the pins of Spo2 sensors' connector, to get the configuration of it, 
In it,  two pins are for detector and 3 for I.R and L.E.D, You put your meter of resistance option and check,  on L.E.D checking it also blink the red light, on the others, it will show only 0.666, something like that.
 Cleaning step: 
1, Turn off the oximeter before cleaning.
2, Wipe exposed surfaces with a soft cloth or a pad moistened with a mild detergent solution or medical alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol solution)
3, Clean inside of the elastic thimble and two optical elements with a cotton swab or equivalent moistened with a mild detergent solution or medical alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol solution), Ensure without dirt or blood.
1,  Keep the sensor dry before using. The rubber inside of the Spo2 sensor belongs to medical rubber, which has no toxin and no harmful to the skin of human being. Spo2 Sensors can be cleaned and disinfected with same solutions.
2, Replace the batteries timely when battery indication is low. Please follow the law of the local government to deal with used battery.
3, Remove the batteries from the battery cassette if the Oximeter will not be operated for a long time.
4, Recommended that keep the oximeter in a dry environment anytime. A wet ambient might affect its lifetime and even might damage the oximeter
Caution: Do not spray, pour, or spill any liquid on the oximeters, their accessories, switches or openings.
Bionics SpO2 Sensor Compatible Guardian Bpm700
Bionics SpO2 Sensor Compatible Guardian Bpm700
Bionics SpO2 Sensor Compatible Guardian Bpm700
Bionics SpO2 Sensor Compatible Guardian Bpm700
Bionics SpO2 Sensor Compatible Guardian Bpm700
Bionics SpO2 Sensor Compatible Guardian Bpm700
Bionics SpO2 Sensor Compatible Guardian Bpm700

Bionics SpO2 Sensor Compatible Guardian Bpm700

Transportation Methods:
Bionics SpO2 Sensor Compatible Guardian Bpm700

1, Reusable spo2 sensors are carried 12 months warranty to repair for free due to the quality problems since  ex-factory;
2, ECG cable and leadwires, spo2 adapter cable, EKG cable are carried 6 months for free (excluding disposable spo2 sensor), but including the misuse, negligence or accidents causing from the buyer.

     For all warranty return items, prior authorization to return merchandise must be obtained by contacting SZMEDPLUS. If the items are not covered under warranty, customer is responsible for all shipping fee 25%  restocking fee.

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